It was one unusually usual day in May 2017 that changed our lives once and forever. In line with state-of-the-art methods of couple matching, it all began with a mobile dating app. Fate had it that the app’s function of determining the geographic location failed and allowed linking a wonderful young lady from Vysoké Mýto with a gallant fella from Hovorčovice, lying within 150 km of one another.


A few exchanged lines were enough for both of us to discover that we’re honored of communicating with an exceptional person. A few weeks of messaging and getting to know each other eventually led into first date midway in Hradec Králové.

The very first sights and words intimated that we were both witnessing truly a fateful encounter.


Further meetings were just a matter of time and very soon there was no doubt that we were made for each other. Common passion for travelling has brought us to many beautiful places on the planet and eventually we found ourselves on the shores of Lake Ladoga in Russian Karelia in June 2018 where, on one of many local islands, proposal was made to seal our love with marriage. And this very event we want to affirm by the wedding vow and we’ll be honored if you spend our day with us.

Wedding weekend July 10-12

As a venue to celebrate our big day we chose the Hotel Švýcarský Dům in the village of Sněžník set in the picturesque landscape of the Elbe sandstone rocks. The celebration is considered a full-weekend feast lasting from Friday, July 10th, through Sunday, July 12th, and we will be more than glad to have over you for the whole of the weekend.


Guests arrival and check-in is planned from Friday evening 18.00 onwards. This will be followed by decent evening welcome session with some snacks and refreshments. The wedding day itself will commence by breakfast at 8.00. Since the ceremony is fixed at 14.00 there will be some spare time after breakfast which guests may use for eg. taking a stroll to the nearby Sněžník observation tower (offering stunning 360° views to the neighboring sandstone formations), enjoying some of the sport activities such as tennis or football at the hotel´s sportsground, or simply for a nap after exhausting Friday.


After the wedding ceremony at 14.00 we will have you eternalized in a short photo session which will be followed by ceremonial lunch and toast at 15.00. Afterwards we will feast ourselves, drink and dance till the late night…


There will be a children’s corner with toys in place and a nanny booked for the entire wedding day.

“The greatest gift for us will be your presence itself.”

Lucie & Josef



In case you have received wedding announcement and invitation, we would appreciate if you confirmed your attendance (or absence, eventually) by filling out the following questionnaire.

I’ll be happy to attendUnfortunately, I cannot make it


Hotel Švýcarský Dům (exact address is Sněžník 105, Jílové) is located in the Sněžník village on the territory of adjacent municipality of Jílové, approx. 15 km away from Děčín. The trip from Prague takes approx. 1h 20min by car – take the D8 highway, exit 80 to Děčín/Libouchec, in Libouchec turn left to Tisá, in Tisá turn right to Sněžník. Nearest airports are Dresden (80 km) and Prague (115 km).


Owing to the relatively limited lodging capacity at the wedding place we have pre-arranged accommodation for most of the guests right at the hotel or its nearby surroundings. Let us know in well advance if your need any help with the room reservation.





The greatest gift for us will be your presence itself. But if you still wish to please us by a wedding gift, you can boost our honeymoon in the form of financial contribution of any size.

In case of any questions do not hesitate to turn to either Lucie or Josef, or to our wedding coordinator Mrs. Klára Synčáková (


By no means we are supporters of rigid clothing norms, however, we are of the opinion that a wedding is an event ceremonial enough to deserve observance of at least elementary level of elegance and style. We would therefore kindly ask gentlemen to come wearing a suit of any color and a white shirt. Ladies are kindly requested to choose a color different from white which is reserved for the bride. Ideal shades are green and gold. Nevertheless, take this as a recommendation rather than a code.